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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Funky Writing Folders

I am embarking on the Daily Five this year for the very first time.  I wish I had found it ages ago, I love it so far.  I have never seen my students read like they do now, and they look forward to read to self every day.  In thinking about launching the Writer's Workshop, needless to say I'm intimidated by the thought of my students writing to self for an extended period of time.  So I found a pattern on the web, it was originally for a coupon organizer, but I thought it would be a great writing folder for the kids.  I took the pattern and adjusted it to hold a folder on one side, 3 pockets on the other for colored pencils, markers, and a "special" writing pencil we only use for writing. (The measurements are 19"X22", all three pieces are the same size, just the pocket is folded in half.) I have only made 8, and will have to make 7 more before Monday because the kids are expecting them on Monday.  I hope it excites them enough to want to become good writers. 

I'm not much of a teacher of sewing as my mother was my teacher when I was 13.  I will find the original pattern and post it later in case anyone wants to make their own folders.  They are kind of flimsy, but I'm hoping the folder inside will help keep it sturdier.  Enjoy!


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