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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Display Windows

Again, nothing on my blog is original, I "stole" it from another blog.  Blog Hopper is where I found this idea.  This is my display window made from Ziploc bags and colored duct tape.  We always write sentences with our high frequency words on Monday, so we will display them (I will type them so they are readable) and read them all week.  I forgot whose blog I got the idea from but thank you! I love it!  All you need is 9 Ziploc bags and a roll of duct tape.  I also added two handles for carrying and hanging.  I used the ones with labels on the back, I thought about putting their numbers on the back because 2 will have to share and that way they would know where their paper is every time.

Cost approximately $4.00

Also, all my art projects are kitty tested and approved!  This is my Russian Blue cat Zoey.  She has to check out everything I make and give her approval so you will see her all over my pictures.  I can't seem to shoo her away hardly long enough to get the picture without her in it.


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